Our members are not just re-enactors -- they are historians who have put considerable time and energy into researching the period they portray. As well as people specializing in living history portrayals, our membership includes published historians, former and current archaeologists and historical lecturers, to name but a few.

We can provide full service historical consulting to ensure that your production is accurate in all respects.

As part of this service we can:

  • Identify and recruit noted historians specialising in your period, to provide in depth consultation or interviews on your project
  • Assist you in scripting battles and other scenarios
  • Provide a comprehensive historical production design/art direction service who can ensure your production is visually accurate in all respects
  • Provide specialist consultants in language and music, and period musicians and instruments
  • Provide research on key historical individuals being portrayed to assist actors in developing their characters
  • Provide combat instructors to teach the principle actors our method of fighting so they can safely interact with each other and our warriors

If you are a production company needing assistance, then look no further, please contact us on: