Action Warrior Solutions is a leading agency specialised in providing historical extras, props and consultants to all sorts of productions, including film, TV and promotional events.

Action Warrior Solutions' reputation has been built on our extensive track record for providing skilled warriors, living historians and historical consultants as supporting artists for many film and television productions.

As the media arm of 'The Vikings', the world's largest early medieval period re-enactment society, we pride ourselves on our authenticity, reliability and the ease of our working relationship with the film crew.

We can provide historical extras, historical props and consultants for a wide range of productions: TV productions, film productions and events.

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FILM We have supplied costumed extras/stunt people for Film Productions such as Faintheart, Ivanhoe, Prince Valiant and much more.



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FILM AWS provided extras to Faintheart, the ”world’s first user-generated film” – a collaboration between MySpace, Vertigo Films and FilmFour to make an almost entirely user-created movie.


Recent TV Work

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TV We have supplied costumed extras/stunt people for TV Productions such as Scrapheap Challenge, Timewatch, The Last Battle of the Vikings, Gudrun the Viking Princess and more.

Recent TV Work...

The Last Battle of The Vikings

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TV Marine archeologist Dr Jon Henderson tells the incredible story of the the Norsemen in Scotland. Visiting fascinating archeological sites across Scotland and Norway, he reveals that the battle at Largs marked the end of an era for the Norsemen, their presence continued to shape the identity and culture of the Scots. Supplied make-up artist and 12 warriors including those for the underwater scenes.

The Last Battle of The Vikings...
The Last Battle of The Vikings

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EVENT Watch this space!

Will publish soon for 2019...