Props and Production

As mentioned before, our supporting artistes will arrive in fully researched and authentic costume for the period of film or TV programme being shot.

However, sometimes we are aware that you don't always need the person inside the clothing. So, although Action Warrior Solutions isn't a costume hire agency, if for some reason your needs couldn't be met by our specialist extras in existing kit, we can use our wide network of contacts to save you time and effort by sourcing authentic period clothing, equipment and weaponry, including machine guns. We can even, given enough time, arrange for pieces of artillery or tanks.

We specialise in the military through the ages but have also supplied civilian costume when asked to do so. We meet requirements for additional kit by either hiring in from an existing source or by producing new garments and/or armour and weapons to order. So rather than spend time trying to find that period costume from a busy costume house, let us do the hard work for you, as the chances are that we'd save your production time, effort and money.

Areas where we have provided help in the past:

  • Cookery ware, eating and drinking vessels, reproduction furniture
  • Civilians personal equipment, jewellery, pouches, belts etc
  • Soldier's personal items used in encampment scenarios
  • Soldier's equipment, weapons, armour, tents and camp set up
  • Scale replica Viking river boats, long-ships
  • Farm implements, period tools and livestock
  • Period food and historically accurate food technicians
  • Set dressing

If there is something you feel we can help you with, please don't hesitate in contacting us at: